Tuesday, January 4, 2011

News Paper article on "Himavad Gopala Swamy Hills" and the damage done by New Year party Makers

I was reading through the Kannada Prabha News paper yesterday and the front page story was all about the "Himavad Gopalaswamy Hills" and the kind of damage that a group of our so called educated people have done to this place was very disturbing. I thought that me and my friends did a good job by cleaning up this place and hopefully it will not get spoilt at least for sometime but it was not even a week before the article came up in the news paper and it was mentioned that the entire place around the temple on the hill and also in the IB, there were full of beer bottles and can and plastic materials thrown around were huge. Is it so hard for people to understand that they need to keep the place clean and save our environment from getting contaminated. I think it is high time that we take some serious action against people who are finding it hard to understand this simple thing.