Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The World Of Heritage

                     Nowhere else can you find such a wonderful collection of monuments and structures as in Karnataka. Unique in its own diverse ways, every place tells a story that is spellbinding and mesmerising. No wonder, Karnataka has been called the "Cradle of Stone Architecture" in India.
                     The magnificent Hampi and Pattadakal, both world heritage sites can be explored here. The exquisite temples at belur, halebid and somnathpur, the cave temples at Belur, Halebid and Somnathpur, the cave temples of Badami, Aihole and the stately forts, domes and minarets of Bijapur are a lasting testimony to Karnataka's rich history and cultural affluence.
                     Karnataka has very rich folkloric traditions which have been kept alive for centuries. Every part and community of karnataka created and enjoyed the folk music and dance suitable for society. Folk dance in karnataka reflects the rural culture and traditions of the kannadigas. These were many ritual dance, devotional dance, historical dance and rural entertainment dance appeared as traditional way of life.
"Welcome to Karnataka, the world of Heritage"

Monday, June 15, 2009

Beautiful Waterfalls of Karnataka

                      Karnataka is filled with Sparkling waterfalls set amidst sylvan environs of the districts of Kodagu, Kannada, Dakshina Kannada, Uttara kannada, Shimoga and Chikkamagalur. West flowing rivers gush through thick forests in coastal Uttara Kannada, breaking into streams that meander across hilly tracks to end in a series of dramatic, plunging finales through out the region. The confluence of lofty hills and serpentine rivers has given rise to a number of waterfalls in Karnataka. Each of these waterfalls produces a fabulous sight with water gushing down the hills with enormous power. With the arrival of monsoon season, seasonal rainfalls render these majestic falls a sight to behold.
                      Jog falls, the most beautiful and grandest of the Karnataka falls, is regarded the highest waterfall in Asia. The four cascades of the falls tumble down from a height of 253 meters, creating a grand spectacle. The Shivasundaram falls is a segmented waterfall and hosts the first hydro-electric power station of Asia.
                       Most of the waterfalls in Karnataka are popular tourist hubs for the enchanting locales around. The contrast of roaring waterfalls and sylvan surroundings gesticulates avid tourists from all over India and around the world.

"Welcome to the land of Beautiful Waterfalls"


KARNATAKA is a state in the southern part of India. It was formed on November 1, 1956, with the passing of the States Reorganisation Act. Originally known as the State of Mysore, it was renamed "Karnataka" in 1973. Karnataka is truly one of the nation's most progressive industrialized State, with an illustrious history of successfully implementing several industrial and technological initiatives. Today, the State is driving domestic growth, crafting careers and creating wealth through a potent mix of resource based, skill based, technology and knowledge based products and services. Karnataka has an enduring tradition of tapping technology to trace a steady growth curve across diverse sectors of the economy - earning the enviable tag of being the most technology savvy State.
The state has everything that a tourist loves. From Places of Pligrim imprtance to breathtaking waterfalls, from well maintained wild life safaries to magnificent beaches, hill stations, adventure sports, silks, antiques, handicrafts, ancient sculptures, historical treasures and pubs!

GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION: Karnataka is bordered by the Arabian Sea to the west, Goa to the northwest, Maharashtra to the north, Andhra Pradesh to the east, Tamil Nadu to the southeast, and Kerala to the southwest.
TOTAL LAND AREA: The state covers an area of 191,791 km² (74,051 sq mi) or 5.83% of the total geographical area of India. It is the eighth largest Indian state by area.
POPULATION: Karnataka is the ninth largest state by population and comprises 29 districts.
LANGUAGE: Kannada is the official and most widely spoken language.
NEIGHBOURING STATES: Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra & Goa
MAJOR AIRPORTS: Bengaluru International Airport, Mangalore Airport
MAJOR PORTS: Mangalore, Karwar

The World of Wild Life

                       About 25% of Karnataka's land area is covered by lush forests. From evergreen forests of Western Ghats to the scrub jungles of the plains, a wide variety of habitat teems with the diverse flora and fauna. The highest density of tigers in the country is found here, as are a quarter of the world's population of Asiatic elephants.
                       On the dirt track of the jungle, a wild cry of a fowl alarms you, a lungur dashes across in the wink of an eye, a clever and intelligent eagle takes flight, a spectacular bunch of parakeets alight on a naked tree top, there is a ripple in the water and then you stand mute witness to a grand performance. In all its massivity, fire and bright streaks of black and yellow, a Tiger appears...
                       The Great wild cat had the reputation of being one of the most elegant creatures on earth. It in not all, the Asiatic elephants in large groups of various sizes sends the jungle reverberating with its deep throated trumpet. The morning sun filters through the trees and sets off a theatrical ambience on the forest floor with a fine blend of green and black shades alternated by the rich crimson light. The crystal clear streams that flows through the jungles offer rare sights of crocodiles, water birds, elephants bathing and if you are lucky may be even a Tiger or a Leopard languishing on the banks. A comfortable stay in many jungle lodges enable you to sleep literally on the lap of mother nature in all her wild glory.
                       Some of the best and world famous wilderness in Karnataka are Bandipur National Park, Nagarhole National Park, Dandeli Wild Life Sanctuary, BiligiriRanga Sanctuary, Kuduremukh National Park, Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary, Bheemeshwari Reserve Forest, Kabini Wild Life Sanctuary, Bhadra Reserve Forest, Muttodi Reserve Forests, Ranganatittu Bird Sanctuary, Gudavi Bird Sanctuary, Kokkarebellur pelicanry etc...
"Welcome to Karnataka, the world of Wild Life"

Magnificent Beaches of Karnataka

                            Bordered by the soaring western Ghats on the East and teased by the mighty Arabian Sea to the West , Karnataka's 320Km long coastline is dotted with pristine beaches. Beaches of Karnataka are famous all over the world for their uncorrupted sands, picturesque landscapes and the host of various water sports that tourists can enjoy on Karnataka beaches.
                            The gentle waves along miles of golden sand; Undisturbed, peaceful, pleasant and soothing ambience make the beaches of Karnataka a perfect holiday destination. Many of these beaches are unknown, unsung and unexplored. Beaches here are nothing less than picture perfect. There is some unspoilt charm and tranquility about these beaches that induces the tourists to visit this state again and again.
                            Beach tours of Karnataka incorporates all the famous beaches of Karnataka where tourists can break free from the monotonous grinding of lives. Experience the coastal folk and the lip smacking cuisine on the coasts of Karnataka as well. Some of the most renouned beaches in the state are Ullal, Panambur, Tannerbhavi, Suratkal, Kaup, Malpe, Om Beach, Maravanthe, Murudeshwara, Devbagh, Karwar, Kurumgad etc...

Enjoy the exotic ambiance, cool waters, enjoy the water sports or just take leisure walks, Karnataka beaches are versatile and vibrant.


Hill Stations of Karnataka

Karnataka is a famous tourist destination in southern India. It is well-known for some of the beautiful hill stations and every hill station is popular for its unique charm. From the breath taking views of Chikkamagalur to the quite retreats of Madikeri, from the stunning Coorg to the woody Biligiri, Karnataka hill stations have something for everyone. Some of these hill stations are also sites of historical and religious significance. But it is the tranquil and scenic beauty of the Karnataka hill stations that attract the visitors from all over the world. With the best part of western Ghats passing through the state, this is a land of breathtakingly beautiful landscapes and mountains. Karnataka has its share of several lesser-known yet entrancing hill stations; choose from sandalwood forests, coffee plantations, trekking trails, waterfalls and wildlife. Nestled in the Western Ghats these hill stations present a spectacular view of dense forests, deep valleys and magnificient sunsets.
Some of the popular hill stations of Karnataka are Nandi Hills, Kemmanu Gundi, Madikeri, Biligirigiri Ranga Hills, Kudremukh, Kundadri, kodachadri, Bababudangiri, Agumbe and Gangamoola.